Introducing your new website

We are very pleased to announce that our new and improved website is, as you see, now live.

  • Logins – You do not need a login or password to access the website per se, but you do need a password to access the Members Area. You will have been advised of this password already
  • Members Area* – Please pay particular attention to the Members Area (see below) as this is where you can find much of the information most pertinent to you as a member
  • Site security – As before, site security is important and therefore we have divided the site into an ‘open’ area, directed at the public at large, and a Members Area which, as the name suggests, is restricted to eligible members.
  • Events & Social – We now have a better events and social area where all events other than league or friendly match events are listed. Some events are listed for information only and some will be for members wishing to register for members-only events such as Quiz nights or One-Day events for example.
  • Quick links – It is recognised that during the season, members may wish to access certain areas of the website more frequently than others. Two we have initially identified are the BOWLR rink booking area/Membership list, and the new Match [availability/selection] facility. Therefore, we have put quick links for these at the top of the Home page
  • Mobiles and Tablets – Mobile access is improved. Phones are small and narrow, and this restricts what can be displayed. If your phone settings allow, you can tilt your phone and see a lot more of a page than you would otherwise. Look at Fixtures/Lawn Bowling as an example. Some phones, in portrait mode, only show columns up to ‘Time’. Tilted into landscape mode a user can see all the columns.

*Members Area – here you will find:-

  • The Club Constitution
  • Club Rules
  • Competition Rules
  • Guide to Club Competitions
  • New Member’s Handbook
  • Committee Meetings Minutes
  • Newsletters, Club & County
  • Friendship League 2023 information
  • Jubilee League 2023 information
  • Facebook Group and the Signal app information
  • Laws of the Sport Fourth Edition 24 Feb 2023 (pdf)
  • (Laws of the Sport Fourth Edition Revision) 24 Feb 2023 (pdf)
  • Mark a single match
  • Cleaning Rota – TBA
  • Locker list
  • Useful ‘How to’.. guides

Some useful features (we think)

  • In Fixtures/Lawn Bowling, click on the Away team to see its location.
  • In All News you can see all the news items – i.e., not just the few recent news posts shown on the Home page
  • In Events & Social you can see all events in a list mode, and in a calendar mode
  • In Fixtures/League information we will attempt to show you our current league positions
  • In Fixtures/Results this year we will show you all our competition results as they are completed
  • In Members Area/Club Competitions we will be showing you the status of the Club competitions almost as they happen
  • In each Event you will immediately see all other entrants
  • When registering for an Event you will receive an email confirmation
  • New Members – see Members Area/Club Documents & Miscellaneous for the New Members Handbook and some useful How to’s

We welcome any constructive feedback or ideas to improve it. Is there something you feel SHOULD be on the site? Is there something already on the site you feel could be improved. If so, how?

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