Protection mats for the green

With the arrival of a more settled weather forecast, and the improvement of our green’s bowling surface, we have agreed the following:

In order to allow morning bowling without the need for the green protection mats, the following guidelines should be applied by all members.

Provided that there has been no heavy overnight rain, and at the discretion of the team leader after consultation with the green manager if required, the decision to play with, or without mats, will then apply to all rinks.

1) Prior to commencement of play the green should be swished/     brushed to remove surface moisture. Direction of play should be clubhouse to flag.

2)  To avoid excess green wear during play, please keep the delivery mat moving in different positions at each end played.

3)  If, during play, it is noticed that damage is being created protection mats must be placed on the rink in question.

4) Please have a word with one of our coaches If you are struggling to bowl your woods in a controlled manner. A bowls arm is available free of charge.

We are all justifiably proud of the excellent green we have at Horley and I would expect all of our bowlers to look after this prized asset

Brian Wilson and The Green Team.

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