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Guests in the club

Children and animals

Liability for damage or loss etc., of personal property

Financial responsibility

Bowler’s personal equipment



Damage to the club premises or its fittings

Exhibiting of notices

Mobile phones

Club stickers

Amendments to the rules

Club trophies

Bar Opening Times

Settlement of Accounts



Guests in the club – Members shall enter the names of all guests in the Visitor’s Book. Not more than three guests may be introduced in any one day and the same guest may not be introduced more than three times in any calendar year.

Children and animals – Children under fourteen years of age shall be always accompanied by a responsible adult and they shall not be allowed at the bar. Animals shall not be allowed in the club House, the only exception being Assistance Dogs.

Liability for damage or loss etc., of personal property – The club does not accept liability for any loss or damage to personal property of persons using the club premises, or stored at the Club, including that left in lockers. Members should ensure that they, and all visitors shall always conduct themselves responsibly and with care.

Financial responsibility – It is the responsibility of the committee to ensure that all monies, including those from the Bar, Green Fees, Match Fees, and the proceeds from the fund-raising activities, are remitted to the Treasurer of the club. Where requested, the names of donors shall be known only to the Treasurer, to preserve confidentially.

Bowler’s personal equipment – It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that bowling bags and clothing do not interfere in any way with the comfort or free movement of players and spectators. It is strongly recommended that fullest use be made of the dressing rooms and coat hanging facilities provided. No bowls bags or personal equipment shall be left on seats, or in foyer/bar area.

Smoking – No smoking of tobacco or vaporisers is allowed within the confines of the building, in front of the clubhouse or on the green

Litter – All litter and cigarette ends shall be deposited in the receptacles provided and not thrown in the ditches or surrounds of the green.

Damage to the club premises or its fittings – Members shall reimburse the club for any wilful damage caused by them or their guests to the club premises and/or articles therein.

Exhibiting of notices – A member shall not cause any communication in whatever form to be exhibited on Club notice boards or premises without prior written permission of the Secretary

Mobile phones – The use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment on or around the green is not allowed and must be switched off or set to silent. Mobile phones may be used inside the clubhouse

Club stickers – Club stickers should be used on all bowls during matches.

Amendments to the rules – Amendments to these Rules may be proposed by a member at any time. All proposals shall be seconded by one other member and submitted in writing to the secretary for consideration by the membership at an extraordinary meeting.

Club trophies – All Club Trophies shall be perpetual and shall remain the property of The club.

Bar Opening Times – The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor will be posted on the club notice board, and the bar will be open at these hours or at such other hours as may be decided by the committee subject to any restrictions imposed from time-to-time by the Licensing Authority.

Settlement of Accounts – A member shall settle any indebtedness for refreshment or otherwise before leaving the club premises, or in accordance with any byelaw relating to the settlement of such indebtedness.

Suggestions – All suggestions shall be entered in the Suggestion Book and signed by the Member


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