Name Our Statues

Arthur & Martha (as in ‘don’t know whether I’m ….)
Bert and Doris
Bertie and Gertie
Bert & Daisy
Bonnie and Clyde
Bulgaria and Cholet?
Burt and Ethel
Charles and Camila
Delboy and Raquel
Dopey & Dipsy
Fanny and Jonny
Flo and Andy
Frank and Dolly
Gavin and Stacey
George and Mildred
Gilbert & Gladys
Homer and Marge
Humphrey and Gladys
Jack and Kitty
Jack and Vera
Monty and Thelma
Rodney and Cassandra
Shrek and Fiona
Stan and Hilda
Startled Stan and Buxom Bess?
Wicker and Snicker?
Willie (as in “Will he bowl short?) and Wilma (as in “Will ma bowl reach?)
Winston and Clementine
Winstone & Florence
Winston & Winnie

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