The Club has a need for a pair of apprentice gardens to work along Peter and Eileen O’Malley, as they are finding it a bit harder these days to keep up the fine work they do on the flower beds.

It will be one morning a week either Monday or Wednesday, whilst the green team are on site. This will be leading to taking over the gardening duties.

Contact Brian Wilson or Allan Weller

150 Club Draw – May 2024

Winners are are:

1st Prize – £25 – Jan Gillespie

2nd Prize – £15 – Faith Weller

3rd Prize – £10 – Gill Olliver


Cheques on their way

Your quick guide to the new 2024 Outdoor Season

Here is a snapshot of what you need to know. All of it is on the website. Please become familiar with it.

Add useful Shortcuts on your Smartphone or Tablet

Useful Shortcuts for your Smartphone or Tablet

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