What is the right size of bowl?


Bowl Size And Comfort – Choosing The Correct Size.

Choosing the right size of bowl is an individual thing and one should take into consideration a few pointers. The weight and the size is important if it is to be a proper fit, comfortable and good grip: can you grip it without it slipping?

To choose the right bowl will depend on a few things but will end up with you picking a bowl that is comfortable and will allow for you type of play; for example, what position do you normally play is it indoors or lawn bowls. You will need to figure out what weight, size and bias you need.
 These will include what position you play, where you play and how you play! There are a number of options available to you.

This may seem complicated, but it can be narrowed down to a few factors Do you want a set for both indoors and out or 2 sets with different bias.  I use one set for indoors and one set for the greens. The bowls are the same size and are the same weight, so it is easy to become accustomed to whatever set I am using
If you do not want a set for both indoor and out then a mid-range bias bowls maybe best but it will be a compromise but lots of bowlers do this without any problems and play well.

Indoors and Outdoors

Remember there is a difference between indoor and outdoor playing greens and this should be considered. A bowl played indoors will take a wider arc than if played outdoors. Some bowls are best suited to either indoors or outdoors and some can play on both surfaces. Newcomers to the game can use the clubs equipment if they have spares for members use. It is important to get the proper size as too small a bowl can be out of its depth playing against heavier bowls. You want the bowl to leave your hand in a smooth action if you can.
 A quick rule of thumb is to go for the largest size that is comfortable for you. A small size can be difficult for long jacks and may require more energy.

Size And Ways Of Measuring

One method to get the right size, in conjunction with feel and comfort (comfort and fit is vital) is to put both hands around the bowl with the middle finger touching and the thumbs touching at the bottom. This method on its own is now outdated and rarely used now. It will tell you that your finger and thumb will go around the bowl. With this method you could end up with a bowl that is too big for you. Use it only with the preferred comfort fit below.

Preferred Comfort Fit

Now try the bowl to see if it is comfortable. Now hold be bowl and turn you hand so the back of your hand is facing up. If it falls out of your hand, or you fingers go white griping it, go down a size and try that. If it is comfortable then that bowl will be a contender.
Now hold your arm out straight and with the back of your hand uppermost. If the bowl is comfortable and does not fall out of you hand then this is fine. Repeat the process by going up or down until you are happy with the size. A bowl is no good unless you feel comfortable with it and
there is no substitute for trying out the bowls. At our shop you can try a set of bowls on our test bowling lane, and this really does give you a chance to get the right size and weight you are comfortable with.

It is important to remember

  • Try out bowls at your club if you can.
  • Go to a good shop that will guide you to the proper size.
  • Try out bowls on a test lane if you can. Some shops have test lanes.
  • See many different models in stock.
  • Get help if you need it to pick the correct size of bowl.
  • Do you want a set for both indoor and out?
  • Do you play front end or back end?

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