Club Meeting Minutes (Kit change) – 13 Nov 2023

                                                      HORLEY BOWLING CLUB


HELD AT 10 am ON MONDAY 13th November 2023 AT THE CLUBHOUSE


Present: L Cargill, B. Stent, D. File, J. Ansell, P. Kimber, B. Wilson, S. Aylin-White, J. Ledwich, B. Stockwell, C. Squires, A. Griffiths


The meeting was called to discuss whether the club shirts should be changed and if so, how and when.

The working party were commended for their report, including the samples provided as options. A vote took place and the majority (only 2 abstentions) voted to change the club shirt for a more updated style. The new shirts to be available for the 2024 outdoor season. The shirt will cost £25.00.

Discussion then moved on regarding the existing stock of club shirts held in the club at present, together with the Gillet’s. The question was also raised regarding new members who recently joined and bought a shirt, now to be told “you will need another shirt!” Liz Cargill pointed out the shirt stock had recently been increased with different sizes.  Options on how to promote this change to members was considered, either to discount the cost whereby the club paid a subsidy to members – what would that subsidy be? Offer ‘buy one get one free’ or just provide each existing member with a ‘free’ shirt and then all future shirts would be at full price. It was agreed unanimously to provide all existing members with a free shirt from April 2024 as the cleanest and most simple way to make the transition. Existing shirts can be used for roll ups and club competitions and the existing shirt stock would be written off as the club had a healthy balance. Then came the question of shorts/trousers. The colour dark blue was proposed by the working party. Again, after some discussion it was agreed that as the men’s ESL league had just voted to play in white below the waist and the mixed Triples league wanted to play in grey, we would leave the purchase of blue shorts/trousers until the end of the 2024 season and see how ordering from the new supplier went, also, see how colourfast the shirts were because as there are many shades of grey so there are many shades of blue. The colour blue to match the blue in the shirt was agreed. Insisting that only shorts/trousers can be bought from our new supplier could be established during the season.

Lastly, Liz Cargil said individual shirts could be ordered so there would be no need to keep a stock of new shirts at the club and she would no longer manage stock.

The committee reduced the number of style options down to three and agreed to inform members at the AGM of the proposal with a view to hold a short EGM to decide on the favoured style if a clear winner had not been decided by members having seen the options on the notice board in the club house. The suggested date for the EGM was Saturday 27th January 2024.

With no other business, the meeting closed at 11.20am

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