Information Technology for HBC Members

We have five areas of ‘Information technology’.



Our main focus is our website where there is a wealth of information for all members, including our fixture list, competition results, and much more*. You will need a password for pages in the Members Area. You can access the website on smart phones, tablets & PC’s.


Our Facebook group is designed for social interaction (chit chat) for our members, and friends of the club. You need to be on Facebook already. Then, search Facebook for ‘Horley Bowling Club’, click on ‘Join Group’ and wait to be approved. You can get Facebook on smart phones, tablets & PC’s.

Signal (2 groups)

1. (HBC Free 4 All)

This is a general chit chat group

2. (URGENT Bowling Messages)

This is a ‘a group that is designed for members to post important [short notice] bowling alerts such as the closure of the green, an inter-club match cancellation, or a request for a marker for a singles match. One-to-one conversations are encouraged to avoid unnecessary alerts to members who do not need to be messaged. Unnecessary acknowledgements to alerts are similarly discouraged.

Download SIGNAL to your device and search for eiyher of these groups. You can get Signal on smart phones, tablets & PC’s.


*On the top of the website home page there are two shortcuts.

1 Rink/Mat booking (BOWLR system)

Here, you can book a green rink for a match, or look up the contact details of members. You need your PERSONAL login and password to access this. If in doubt, contact the Membership Secretary. Liz Conroy or Paul Kimber. Either person can change your password for you. You also have access to a list of all members and their contact details.

2 MATCH system

Here you can apply to play in any of the inter-club league or friendly matches. Ypu also have access to your Surrey County matches if you have applied for them. If in doubt, contact Paul Kimber


What logins and passwords do I need?

1 Horley Bowling Club WEBSITE (if you are unsure of the password, ask another member, or text me

This link enables you get onto our website. Most pages that are deemed sensitive, and therefore should only be available to members, are protected by this password

2 Rink/Mat Booking

This logon is your membership number, and the password (by default) is your first name initial, your surname and your membership number again.

If you do not know how to book a rink properly please go to

3 MATCH systemTo enter inter-club league and friendly matches –

This allows you to apply for and view the status of your HBC’s inter-club competitions in addition to county matches, if you have entered any.

If items 2 or 3 apply to you but you cannot access them, or log on to them, please contact me.

For convenience we have provided shortcuts to items 2 and 3 at the top of our website homepage

  1. above = Rink/Mat Booking
  2. above – MATCH system



There are useful ‘How to…’ pages on the website which can help with all of the above

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